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CUSTOMER ALERT-  There are several SCAM sites advertising the Bazooka Bob and 1000s of other items for sale

Anything overseas is NOT affiliated with us. If you see crazy pricing for the Bazooka Bob like, under $100, and ship anywhere in the world FREE..... SCAM

These guys are from overseas somewhere. The way they operate is, they get your order then, either sell the card info or, send a cheap item to somewhere in your zip code. When you say you haven't received the item, they say tracking says it's delivered and their terms are- you agreed once delivered you can't get a refund.



Contact us directly by phone or email if you've ordered from them.

(856) 673-1997


We're working with authorities to shut down their sites as quickly as possible.

Thank you

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Over 2x faster & more accurate than a laser

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Bazooka Level

Faster & More Accurate

Vertical Leveling

The Bazooka Bob Ironworker Level is a powerful magnetic instrument for vertical alignment of steel columns. Also for use on walls, racking & more.

An indispensable piece of ironworker equipment on jobs large and small. 

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Steel Columns






​...and more





​The BAZOOKA PLUMB BOB is a length-adjustable vertical level whose external structure shields it from the effects of the elements. With parts machined to a tolerance of .0005", a working accuracy of .001" can be expected(LESS than a human hair).

A powerful magnet, with 181lbs of pull force, easily attaches directly to the column or other work surface and holds the Bazooka Bob tight. A linear gauge at the base of the unit gives an instant readout for level. A simple lift & twist will release the Bazooka Bob easily to move to the next column.

The BAZOOKA PLUMB BOB was invented by a former member of the Army Corps of Engineers who recognized a need for a better way for erectors to set steel, especially in high winds & other inclement weather. Over the years, the Bazooka Bob has become an essential ironworking tool, replacing transits, lasers and other methods of getting to plumb in many instances. We aren't telling you to throw away your laser, not at all. Lasers can be a valuable tool but, for the majority of applications, the Bazooka Bob is simply faster and more accurate than a laser. We hear from ironworkers every day who say they saw the Bazooka Bob on the job, only to be embarrassed when asking "What's that?".... and receiving a response of .... "What else would you use?"

SAVE TIME & MONEY- Requires only 1 man to operate. No need for a man taking a standoff reading as with a laser. When you buy the Bazooka Bob today, that extra man will be handling other duties saving you money.
SPEED- The BAZOOKA BOB attaches directly to your work surface and gives an INSTANT readout for level. ( attachments available for walls, forms & other surfaces)
EFFICIENT- Requires only one man to operate. No Setup or climbing.
ACCURACY- to .001" & NEVER a standoff reading error as can happen with a laser.
EXTENDS- From 6'6"-12'